How do I make certain items more attractive to "move search"?

I tried bookmarking item “shopping”, my only bookmark, and still when I move, it’s far down the list of results for shopping. Lots of items that happen to contain the word shopping are higher.

Is there anything I can do short of changing the word to something unique? Does making it a heading or bold or anything tell search that it should be a top result?

Places in the same document will have bigger weight.

@Shida what else affects this order again?

Is this happening on the desktop app, or on the web version?

web version

ok i tested a bunch of things and i think i found that main culprit is that I put an emoji before all my main topics like big bullet point icons. i am changing that and its working a lot better. :slight_smile:


:money_with_wings: shopping


shopping :money_with_wings: