How can I use search and replace to insert a paragraph break after every full stop?


When I copy text from other sources, at times I end up with one big chunk of text, which is difficult to make sense of or scan over. Given that this chunk of text has punctuation marks, I want to use search and replace such that after every full stop a new node is started. I can achieve this easily in word by using “^l” or “^p”, but I don’t know how to do the same in Dynalist. I tried copying over to word and then copying back, but if I do that I lose the indentation and hierarchy.

Thanks in advance

DynaList does not have a search function that works in a paragraph. Best I can suggest is using the mouse to click at each start of a sentence and press enter.

Or, paste into Word first, make the line breaks you need, then paste to Dynalist.

I wouldn’t try to do REGEX type parsing directly in dynalist. The search and replace function is pretty basic. Cut and paste it into a text editor with a good find>replace and do it there. Word is much more powerful.

“I lose the indentation and hierarchy”

I thought you said you’re pasting a block of text from a different source. It has indentation and hierarchy? I’ve never seen that. Dynalist always parses pastes into 1 level of nodes for me.

Did you try both “paste unformatted text” and normal paste? Windows/Mac have two versions of paste, with different hotkeys. One strips all formatting.

To see how it should be formatted to be pasted in correct heirarchy, use the Export command in dynalist and look at how it formats things in plain text. If you paste text formatted that way, it should parse correctly into dynalist.

It will take some experimenting on your part unless you want to give us an example.