How can I find my backup in my Google drive

Hello, I am new to Dynalist. I really like the collapsing list feature that Dynalist has.

I have hard time finding my backup in my google drive. I have already linked my google drive with my Dynalist. But I did not find any folder called “Dynalist” in my google drive. Where can I find the backup? And is the backup uploaded every day automatically?

Thanks in advance!

Is this platform still active?

We all hope so…
[EDIT] Yes, it is. Fixes and improvements still being regularly addressed.

As for your doubt, you can find the “Dynalist” folder under “My Drive”. It’s supposed to be located at the root of “My Drive”. If you don’t have it, then I suggest you to unlink your Google Drive backup from the Dynalist settings and re-link it.
The backup is uploaded every day, regardless if there’s any change to your data.

However, looking at your Avatar, I don’t see the “Pro” badge, so the Google Drive / Dropbox daily backup is not supposed to be available to you, but you said you’ve already linked it… Was it with a different account maybe?

Activity here has died since Obsidian came online. :dizzy_face:

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Hello @Shida and @Erica
Please please don’t follow the same example of WF… with an update only once a year… Besides the ridiculous slow pace, the communication is also just awful.
I believe this was never the intention of Dynalist since it was born (and I follow it since the beginning), but apparently some things are getting ignored a little. That’s my and, I believe, a few others’ feelings. Are you still planning to keep this platform alive and feed up?

I’m not a Pro with this account but I am with another one with a similar name. Anyhow, for those of us who are paying customers and believers / supporters of the platform, I think it’s important for us to have some feedback about the status and plans for this service. In my humble opinion, it’s really the best one around especially considering the big list of features and the special care the developers have to the great service this is.

I understand we’re not currently living the best life conditions with this hell’s disease. And by mentioning it, I sincerely hope everything is OK and in great health with you, your family and relatives during these caotic times.

Thanks for listening!

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We’re still here yes! There are still monthly updates, mostly focused on bugfixes for now.

That’s weird - I can find mine from “My Drive”:

In either case, it’s supposed to be in the root folder of your Google Drive, if not we’ll create one there.
The only cravat is that we won’t make a backup if you’ve made no changes for the day - the backup would be identical to yesterday’s backup anyway.


Thank you so much for your reply, Shida.

Actually, my pro trial just expires. So I can’t really check it again. I am trying to get my student discount. But the email address link in here: did not work. Could you please send me the email address?

And I also want to say I really love the features of Dynalist! I hope this platform and app will still under development! Thanks for all the hard work. I would love to support the community by subscribing the student pro version.


The email address linked there should be correct. If that doesn’t work let’s start a private message to discuss.

@Shida The problem is when I clicked it , nothing happened

I’ll private message you the instructions.