Hotkey Request - Paste (multi-line text) as one item

Currently you have to use the note field, or manually shift-enter each line, or program a macro app to convert

your content
in multiple lines
oh yeah


	<outline text="your content&#10;in multiple lines&#10;oh yeah"/>

I’m just saying it would be nice and useful to be baked in as a stock hotkey.

It’d be especially useful when pasting code snippets in ``` blocks.

Here is how to do it in BetterTouchTool

tmp1=$(pbpaste | perl -p -e 's/\n/&#10;/')
tmp2="<opml>\n\t<body>\n\t\t<outline text=\"$tmp1\"/>\n\t</body>\n</opml>"
echo $tmp2 | pbcopy

It’s a “Paste as OPML” hotkey, essentially. It lets you paste multi-line stuff directly into a dynalist item.