Hotkey for newline inside note and multiline code block

Maybe I am wrong here, but its hard to memorise which key should I use according to what I am editing now, to make a new item or a newline.

Don’t you think it would conveniently to bind newline to (Control/Oprion+Enter) and switch a line just to (Enter) keys or vice versa for mentioned elements of document by default?

Also, it would be nice feature to transfer text after carriage to note by pressing corresponding key (Shift+Enter).

Others don’t seem to have trouble remembering which one to use, so I’m not sure if that’s a serious issue.

In item title, Enter is for creating a new item, because that’s often what you want to do. If you really want a newline, use Ctrl+Shift+Enter (it’s harder to do because we don’t want to encourage doing it).

In note, making newlines are more common, so Enter is for making newlines.

If you can remember item titles are more short information and notes are where paragraphs should live, it should be pretty straight-forward.

Okay, got you, what do you think about this one?

If you select text, it will be transferred to note. So just Shift+End and then use Shift+Enter to transfer.