Horizontal drag from one list to another

It would be wonderful if we could have two lists open simultaneously, side by side, then be able to drag a bullet from one list, say in the left pane, to another list, say in the right pane.

The idea of being able to move one item, displayed in the left pane, to a new location, displayed in the right pane, would truly be a game changer.

Here is a common use case:
One list is a To Do list. This is a comprehensive list of everything that needs to be done.
The other list is the “Today” list, comprised of items that need to be done today.

I would see all the “To Do’s” on the left and immediately drag it horizontally to drop it in a new location, whether in the same document or another.

Right now, we only have the ability to drag an item vertically, within the same document. However, if that document is very large, that could be a huge vertical drag. Yes, there is the “Move” feature, which is helpful. But nothing beats the productivity of being able to see both locations at once and being able to drag horizontally to the new location.

Thank you for considering this… and thank you again for such a wonderful & massively productive product! Keep up the good work!

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