Home scrolls to beginning of document

Steps to reproduce

  1. Be editing an item
  2. Hit Home (Fn- on my Macbook)

Expected result

Cursor moves to the beginning of the line.

More precisely, if there are many lines in the item, it goes to the beginning of the line, not the item.

Actual result

I’m scrolled up to the beginning of the document.


Chrome on macOS

Refreshing fixed this…

Maybe bug tracking is too easy and we should make it harder so in the future, I spend 0.1s trying to solve my problem before filing a report :upside_down_face:

Update: The bug is back again. Not sure when/why it happens. Refreshing doesn’t consistently fix it. One time the End key scrolls to the document end, another time moves cursor to the end of the line. Nothing makes sense :frowning:

I’ve always used Cmd+← to go to beginning of line :open_mouth:

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Also I feel like both of your reported issues are related somehow.

I guess this is a Heisenbug for now…

I found out when it happens. It is indeed a heisenbug but I figured out a way to make it happen.
Will be fixed in the next update as well.

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Wow, that’s amazing! How did you do it?

The repro step would be

  • Hit ! to open date-picker
  • Hit “End” key to observe date-picker still open
  • Hit “Esc” to close date-picker

Now the keyboard listener goes into a weird state where it thinks it’s still inside the date-picker.
Which means that many shortcuts stop working (I tried Ctrl-S and it gave me the save webpage dialog). The “End” key is also bugged in the way you described.

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