Hi I imagine the solo? maker of dynalist would be best to answer this, but not really sure. I found a niche use case for dynalist for very light use that no other apps really does. Dynalist is such a well-done app compared to a lot of things out there, and it’s sad that so few know about it.

One key problems that makes dynalist hard to use for regular notetaking are the excessive bullet points that I think technically couldn’t be removed because of I think the tech used.

You can go to View options > Layout > Article but this creates a large spacing between the lines/sentences, and makes that specific feature pretty much un-usable. Is there no way to fix this? Is this a technical impossibility? Would dynalist always have this defect?

You can customize the look of dynalist in any way you like, including getting rid of the bullet points, using Custom CSS, which is a Pro Subscription feature.

For example:
.Node-bullet { display: none; }

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Cool and css can fix the Article view also, or only works for the default view?

Both are fully customizable with CSS

For example, to only apply my above example to article view,

.is-article-view .Node-bullet { display: none; }

“Article view” problem is about too much spacing, not about bullets

Uh. Ok. Good luck.