Highlight Checkbox/Date when search for has:checklist/has:date

Just a suggestion. Say, put under the checklist a yellow background when search for has:checklist?

Is it because they don’t stand out enough right now? They’re pretty easy to spot to me.

Yes, they are quite easy to spot.

Maybe it is for the sake of unified experience? When I do a search, I used to look for yellow color to know what I am looking for.

In a search, there are two reasons for an item to appear:
Type 1) The item itself fulfill the search requirement
Type 2) The item has a subitem which fulfills the search requirement.

I rely on the yellow highlight to help me distinguish the reason for an item to appear.

Another option is to make the Type 2 items dimmed/grayed in a search, And let the Type 1 item stand out.