High CPU Usage from Windows Desktop App

I am using a Dell Inspiron 15-7579 with 12GB of RAM and i7 processor. In short, it is a strong laptop that should easily be able to run the Dynalist desktop application. And the application does start out running fine when I first open it, but I notice that if I’ve left it open for a while (say a few hours), then it starts to consistently use 35% of my CPU (according to the Task Manager) when the application is active. Typing is incredibly slow, with the keystrokes showing up at least a second after I’ve pressed them. The CPU usage goes back to being negligible after I alt-tab to a different application, but the second I alt-tab back to Dynalist again, the CPU spikes and the whole computer slows down.

I thought at first it might be my antivirus, so I uninstalled it, but no, the issue persisted. Strangely, the issue goes away if I use Dynalist in the Chrome browser instead. The issue only happens when I use the Windows desktop application.

I also don’t understand why I only have this issue on the desktop application on this specific computer. I own a Dell desktop that is much less powerful (8GB of RAM and i5 processor) that runs the desktop app perfectly smoothly, even when I’ve had the app open for days at a time.

Also note that it has nothing to do with how much information Dynalist is displaying. I could be looking at an outline level of a couple small nodes and the CPU is high.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any suggestions?

You may be using an older version of Dynalist. Have you tried a manual update by installing a fresh copy from https://dynalist.io/download ?

Or you can simply restart to upgrade to the newest version if you haven’t already.

Thanks for the suggestions. I have restarted the application to update it and the issue still continues unfortunately…