Hide notes for checked items

When an item is checked it would be nice to hide its note, or at least shorten it to one line. Checked item is no longer important and it is better not to crowd the space with full note.

So you want the item itself to still show when checked, but not its notes, is that wrong?

It’s kinda hard to fit it in here (it’s also not easy to explain concisely):

Anyone with the same need? Likes or comments are welcome.

I actually like the note visible because I sometimes make a note regarding the completion of the item, eg date completed, link to next step etc.

@Sam_Radcliffe - it would be an option, not a default. (or at least an option to show full note)

@Erica how about showing a subtle sentence with a drop down in the Notes section of drop down you attached:

On —checked items-- [show notes v]

Waiting for other thoughts and preferences.

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