Hide completed elements for a single level/sublist in a given document

When creating various checklists, sometimes you have sub-lists for a given element of a list. Sometimes I find myself wanting a way to have just the sub-list level elements disappear when I check them off but have their parent list element not disappear when it is checked.

I was hoping there could be some way to set the ‘checked item’ preferences for individual sub-lists. Something like an option in the context menu of an element which has child checklist elements which allows you to set the behavior of that sub-list separate from the default behavior of the document or global preferences.

A per-item setting for this is a little too much, and let’s not forget we need to display this state somehow too, so that people don’t panic thinking they’ve lost those bullets.

Currently, I think deleting the them (item menu - “delete checked items”) or moving them into an archive document makes more sense.