Help topic on multi-line code blocks

Is there a help topic on multi-line code blocks ( Namely I’d like to know which languages are supported and how to specify the language exactly (because sometimes it’s detected incorrectly).

Dynalist uses highlight.js for the code highlighting, from a quick look at the source code it seems to support these 34 languages:

apache, bash, coffeescript, cpp, cs, css, diff, go, http, ini, java, javascript, json, kotlin, less, lua, makefile, xml, markdown, nginx, objectivec, perl, php, plaintext, properties, python, ruby, rust, scss, shell, sql, swift, typescript, yaml

You can specify the language to use by putting the name after the initial three back-ticks:

This is hightlighted as SQL, no matter what I put here.

Thanks @_Lasar! Now I understand why it didn’t work when I specified tex. Though supported by highlight.js seems not supported by Dynalist.

So here is a proposal for dev - add this info to Formatting reference.