Have the`move` dialog support search operators

When moving a item between lists, it would be nice if we could use the search operators. I believe fuzzy complete is already implemented, this would allow more targeted item moves.

A search operator > could mean “child of”, so it’ll limit the scope of your query to items only nested under anything before >.

Imagine that there’s a document with

  • songs
    • Discovery Song:
      • I love
        • the mountains
        • the clear blue skies
        • big bridges
        • when great white fly
          • it’s a shark
        • the whole world
          • and all it’s sights and sounds

Some actions you can do are:

  • - Boom-de-yah-da, boom-de-yah-da
    ctrl+shift+m to open the move dialog
    query(Discovery >) moves this under songs > Discovery Song
    results in: songs > Discovery Song > Boom-de-yah-da, boom-de-yah-da

  • - Millau Viaduct Bridge
    ctrl+shift+m to open the move dialog
    query(song > bridge) moves this under I love > big bridges
    results in: songs > Discovery Song > big bridges > Millau Viaduct Bridge


Yea we already have search with search operators of course, so just bringing those to the move operation would be nice

There’s kind of 2 feature requests in 1.

  • move dialog supports search operators
  • add a new search operator > to represent child of like in css.

The 2nd one is pretty useful, otherwise I think you can accomplish the same query with parent and ancestor

I think we have what you want in the parent: search operator … which you then go on to say, so now I’m confused :smiley:

The parent: operator is nice, but kinda long to type, and it requires you to go back to edit it.


If I wanted to add search for or add something to Boom-de-yah-da, boom-de-yah-da

I currently have to do:

parent:songs parent:"Discovery Song"  Boom

However it would be much nicer to type

songs > Discovery Song > Boom
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Ah ok, I don’t have much of an opinion about that, however I should note that I think your search would need to be:

ancestor:songs parent:“Discovery song” Boom

(Ancestor searches any level above, ‘parent’ only searches one level up)

As a separate note, the ancestor:songs seems redundant here - if you know “Discovery song” is the parent, you don’t need the first part of the search - unless you have “Discovery song” somewhere else too? I suppose I’m trying to imagine when you would want to do such complex ancester / parent searches, necessitating a much quicker search syntax…

I mostly use dynalist for task management so one example that comes to mind for me is:
Ancestor: ‘Some project name’ parent:‘tasks’ ‘task name’

As I might well have the ‘tasks’ node in multiple projects (I don’t organise my projects like this, but I could!)

Another problem with your search syntax is of course you couldn’t use ‘>’ in the title of your nodes anymore - maybe a workaround using a text expander to spit out ‘parent:’ when you type > would be the best way forward?