Hamburger & zoom icons often disappear

Often I do not get any hamburger or zoom icon on a hover event. I am using chrome 57.0.2987.98), and “use bullet point to zoom in” is not selected.

I have found a few ways to reproduce:

  1. zoom in on any sublist of a document (i cannot reproduce when at the top-level of a document)
  2. search for something, then cancel with escape
  3. hover-over icons are gone.

Another way:

  1. zoom in on any sublist
  2. trigger the internal link autocomplete with [[, then cancel it with escape
  3. hover-over icons are gone

Another way:

  1. double-click the bullet/+/- to “expand all”
  2. hover-over icons are gone

To recover the hover icons, I have to navigate away from the document and back again.

Hi @themike,

When was the last time you refreshed? Can’t seem to reproduce now and we did do a fix for this issue (or maybe it’s just a similar issue?).

@Erica, it had indeed been a while. I refreshed and can’t reproduce anymore. Thanks!

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