Group Tagging

Is there a way to quickly tag a set of lists (Parent & Children)? I’m attempting to tag everything with a category title so I can quickly recall or search by that title. The ability to group tag would help me ensure that everything I am working on will have a category instead of manually tagging each item.

If anyone has tried this and did not work, I’d be interested in how you organize with tags.


Yes, this is something I would love to see ! It would help me to focus my search more easily. For example, I search the color “red” with tag #pro and I will focus on all top priority task related to my professional area.
It’s something that exists on “Things” (from CC) and it’s a great feature.

+1 then :wink:

This my workaround for an taglist, this is in an document which is top of my list.
Groupname is bold in the note field.


I felt it does well to add to this post in case someone searching lands here… Feb2020 we now have the ancestor: search operator, so group tagging methodologies potential is blown wide open.