Google Drive Backup does not establish connection to account

Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to Dynalist Pro settings and click to link Google Drive backup
  2. Follow instructions to link to the desired account

Expected result

Arrive at screen that says:
"You have linked to your Google Drive account “(name of account)”
and see a folder created for storing backup files in my Google account.

Actual result

Screen says:
"You have linked to your Google Drive account “null”
and no folder is created in my Google account.


Tried in Mac Chrome (73.0.3683.86) and in Mac app (1.1.17).
Operating system: Sierra (can’t update yet due to specific application needs)

Additional information

I tried this several times and got the same result.

Same here with Win10 + Dynalist 1.1.19 and also with online version.

This happens with GD Backup and Calendar sync.