Google Calendar sync indicator?


Is there a visual way of seeing if a document has been enabled for sync without having to go into the context menu of a document?

If not, I would like a visual cue knowing that a document is setup for syncing. Perhaps the document icon in the document viewer could be slightly different documents setup for sync.



@Shida, what do you think?

I believe the sync works on the server, not in the client, so we’d need to constantly ask the server for updates. It’s guaranteed to sync within 2 minutes after the content is synced though.

Yeah, unfortunately, the client doesn’t sync with google calendar directly. Our server has a scheduled job every 2 minutes to sync everything to google calendar in batch.

Erica is right: once you see the “synced” status, it should appear on google calendar within 2 minutes.

Thank you for your response. I need to clarify my question. I am not looking for an update on sync status, I would like a visual indicator that the document has been flagged for syncing. That way I can see which documents are configured to sync and those that are not, but in a visual way.

The problem is if you add a document and don’t set it to sync, you might forget that this and assume its syncing.

Does that make sense?