Going "back" after clicking an internal link doesn't work

When I see a list of items and one of them is a internal link, and I don’t remember what’s under that link, I click it.
I go “aha, right, that’s it” and click cmd + <-- to get back to my list of items… or that’s what should happen (or that seems logical), but no… I end up in the mother category of the linked note and have a very hard time finding myself back to where I was.

That’s what I expect to happen as well. It seems like the shortcut is Cmd+LeftArrow to go back on MacOS. Does it not work correctly?

If you’re using the desktop app, there’s also navigation buttons on the top left, which works in the exact same way as history back/forward on the browser.

For me, using Cmd+LeftArrow after having clicked on an internal link just makes the cursor jump to the left in the title

Oh you’re right! Cmd+Left does something different on MacOS, specifically it’s equivalent to the “Home” and “End” buttons on other OS’s, which jumps to beginning/end of the editable box.

I think we ran into this issue before, can you show me what it says on the app when you hover the back button on the top left? Here’s what it looks like on my Windows machine:



Hmm I have a feeling we ran into this issue before. Last I remember the typical behavior on MacOS is if you use Cmd+Left it jumps to the beginning of the item, but only if you have a text cursor. If you press ESC to de-focus, Cmd+Left works as navigation. Is that the case for you?