"Go to next sibling item" goes to invisible items

Steps to reproduce

Set a shortcut for “Go to next sibling item” and/or “Go to previous sibling item”

Create a document with 3 items:

  • an unchecked item
  • a checked item
  • an unchecked item

Toggle hide checked items

Try using the shortcut to navigate between the unchecked items.

Expected result

I expect to move between the visible, unchecked items.

Actual result

“Go to next sibling item” from the first unchecked item results in the cursor disappearing. This is because it’s at the invisible, checked, item (which you can see by using the shortcut to zoom in on the present item). “Go to next sibling item” again finally brings you to the unchecked item.


I’m using desktop dynalist 1.1.14 on mac.