Global Search excluding Notes



Is there any way to do a global search excluding notes?


The only search operator I’m aware of which would do this is…



Sorry this is not documented anywhere, but you can do: in:note keyword. Does this help?

(I’m adding this to the help center soon! :grimacing:)


Thanks Erica! I guessed since there’s a in:note keyword maybe there might be an in:title keyword too – and there is!

So @Franklin_KF, I think if you wanted to do a global search for the word ‘mark’ but excluding notes you’d search for in:title mark . It works for me – give it a try!


Great. Thank you. :call_me_hand:


Love me a hidden extra :smile:

Are there any other “hidden” search operators? What generic search syntax/operators are you using?


I’m mostly using the time ones (mostly until:).

We’ll update the search operator reference page in our help center so there won’t be any hidden ones soon! :slight_smile: