Global mobile search doesn't refresh when search term updated (*after* clicking "enter")

Steps to reproduce

Search for a search term in mobile (global mode), hit enter. Modify the search term, hit enter again.

Expected result

First the results for the original search term are shown. Then after modifying and hitting enter, the results for the new search term are shown.

Actual result

The results for the second search term are never shown. To enter the modified search term you have to hit the x icon in the top right of the screen and retype out the whole (modified) search term.

Normally not a big deal, as usually searches are on completely different terms. But sometimes you have a typo or want to slightly modify the query, and it is annoying to have to retype out the whole thing (or select all, copy, hit “x”, paste, modify, hit enter).

See video:


Android 9, native app.

Can repro, will be fixed in next release.

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Can confirm this is fixed now.