Geofencing solution?

I want to implement geofencing, despite it not being a feature in Dynalist. Do you folks have ideas and thoughts?

My idea is: Share my whole document, search the location tag (example: @home), copy the URL from the address bar, use a 3rd party service to parse the webpage and email it’s contents to me, and use a 3rd party service to trigger that email when my phone enters a radius of my home. I will repeat this idea for @work, @parter, @grocery.

I will initially explore:

If you’ve gone down this path too let me know and potentially save me a bit of time :slight_smile:

Welp “pocket” failed horribly at parsing the website. It just emails me a dynalist has been updated error.

Is there any URL modification to get a more parser friendly view? Like a mobile or printer friendly version?

For now I’ll just email myself the URL to click manually.

We’ll release the alpha API soon, which lets you pull and edit your documents and lists.

Does that help?

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Cool! Yeah!

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