Functional "Find and Replace" feature or plugin


Curious if there is a “find and replace” feature for finding and replacing text within an outline.

Or a good find and replace plugin for Chrome. I have one that worked for Workflowy…and it does find and replace text in my Dynalist…but then it freezes and I have to quit and reopen Dynalist…and my changes are gone.




Agree! This is a needed function for being able to clean up lists. Find and Replace with case sensitivity would be excellent!

Hi Rob,

You can find search-and-replace in the item menu:

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As of Dec 2020, there is nothing about the Search and Replace feature in the Help area at I assumed this didn’t exist until i received a newsletter about on Dec 15. And even in the newsletter it did not identify where to find the feature. I had to browse the forum to this thread to get that info. I wonder what else might be missing from the Help area.