For search, adding a spaces should help narrow what's being looked for

I was looking for the word “man”, but had many results for “command”. Adding a space before or after it didn’t narrow it down. An example of something similar is ctrl+f in the browser.

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Nice one, would make search better, and search is such an important feature.

Workaround for now that I can think of: search for "man " instead (quotes included).

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That works great, thank you!

Should there be an ‘additional search tips’ button at the bottom of the menu?

It’s getting pretty large, but “exact match” and OR are pretty important.

Maybe we should make part of the menu collapsable like Dynalist itself? Lol.

I guess if the Shortcuts and Formatting page was renamed to (Dynalist) Tips, and then that was collapsible, it could include a section for searching.

Good idea!

One small concern is that we haven’t thought through the categories of tips and it might change from time to time. If they are collapsable, I’m assuming the collapsed state should be remember when you come back. This requires us to get our stuff together and group things in a way that won’t change much in the near future. Need to think more about that.

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I guess one workaround would be to have some documents by Dynalist available to “download” or add to the user’s documents, so that way they can look at things there. The only thing that would be tricky would be for the users to have the latest versions of the documents, so unless it’s some shared > view-only doc, they’d have to redownload it again once it updates. I guess it could be mentioned in the same place with an exclamation mark, or whatever works.