Footnotes Please


Hello, need footnotes for Dynalist to become my all-in-all notetaking app.


Hi Ray, thanks for the suggestion. Do you mind explaining in a bit more details? Dynalist doesn’t have the concept of pages, and it’s not a traditional word processor application either, so I wonder where footnotes come in, and how they can help.


I want to use Dynalist for making acacemic notes for writing later. There are programs that automatically insert footnotes reference (Bookends for example) to make that process easier

If I don’t have the foot notes, I won’t know exactly where I got the information from when I go to write. The only thing I can do now is to make a note in parenthesis. Which, is okay, just not very streamlined.

I will still use Dynalist if you don’t have this feature. And I understand if this is not in line with your purpose.

Thanks for asking.


Hi Ray, thanks for being so understanding. Unfortunately it’s not what we envision for Dynalist, at least not for now.


Okay, thanks Erica. I’m just putting the page and the source in parenthesis and adding footnotes when I export.