Find search terms in parent nodes as well

Update: added “parent:” search operator. Cheers!


Brilliant feature, Erica. Any plans to allow the user to use the search operator for more than one level of parent/child?

We’re thinking of either using an option to enable using the “parent:” operator for all levels of parents, or adding another operator (e.g. “ancestor:”) to explicitly do that.

Because searching in more levels will give more results, I’m not sure that everyone wants that.

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Glad to hear you’re thinking about expanding this! I suggest going with the “ancestor” keyword, because they are separate use cases. For example, I use parent:Waiting to easily find the items immediately under “Waiting” nodes. On the other hand I think I would would use -ancestor:#comment to exclude entire sections of the document, e.g. for printing.

Yes I think I’d want these separate as well - having only ‘ancestor’ would remove some uses of the current ‘parent’ search (by polluting it with irrelevant results) which would be a shame

Edit: Would be lovely to have both though :slight_smile:

But surely the amount of results in this type of search will be far less than the amount of results in a search without any qualifier?

And if we take the problem from another perspective :

Searching in the search.

I mean : you do your first search. Then in the search results, you can narrow your research with another research… and then again :

search this…
then this…
then this…

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