File picker should collapse folders on click

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open the file picker either by shortcut or left button
  2. Click on a folder name once (not the arrow)

Expected result

Folder will collapse as if you clicked the arrow.

Actual result

Nothing. Clicking too quickly will start renaming (that part isn’t bug, but when this happens it feels like there might be lag)


  • Web, Chrome, macOS 10.12.4
  • Web, Safari, iOS 10.2
  • iOS app, iOS 10.2

To clarify, you clicked once, not twice, and the folder started renaming?

It renames after clicking twice (like if I thought the first click didn’t register for whatever reason)

Double click to rename is kind of the standard behavior though, no?

Yes definitely. The issue is the single click doesn’t toggle collapsing

Ah, I see the problem you’re pointing out.

I remember it used to be like that (single click to toggle collapsing), but then double-clicking to rename would toggle it twice, since after the first click we do not until until maybe 100 milliseconds later if there will be a double click.