File name change

When I open my upload manager I see a bunch of "Pasted image"s.

I have to click them all until I find a file that I needed.

I hope that I can change the names of the uploaded files.

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I agree. I avoid using images with Dynalist because images are hard to manage. In particular I cannot easily identify expired images to delete without trial and error. I can do that with a dozen images but if I used images in Dynalist like I wished then I’d have to weed through hundreds of images which I feel is impractical, so I don’t use images unless they will remain indefinity.

You cannot edit the names after upload, only before upload. You can, however, [name with markdown](the image) in a node. I don’t recommend ever viewing “Upload Manager”. View it as a trash bin. Any images you care about should be managed from nodes in markdown.