Feature Suggestion - Ability to aggregate anything that has a date on it


Perhaps one has due dates or important dates for projects across multiple documents and folders. It would be cool if there was a feature that scanned for any bullet point/note that has a date (the feature where you use the ! shortcut) and then organizes them chronologically.

so in Project X document I have

  • Task A due in [2 days]

and in Project Y document I have
-Task B due in [3 days]

and Project Z document I have
-Task C due in [1 day]

There would be a feature that could scan for these notes and reorganize into
-Task C due in [1 day]
-Task A due in [2 days]
-Task B due in [3 days]

Could do this potentially by using a hashtag and aggregate that way but that wouldn’t sort by closest due date. Thoughts?


I would love this feature too.


I am just evaluating Dynalist after several years of Workflowy, so I am looking at things like the date function.

One of the first things I looked for having setting some dates was how to get a list of all the upcoming due dates without having to use the search function.

It’s certainly a feature that I think would make sense.


You can do a search for “has:date” in all documents and bookmark that. The thing that’s missing is sorting chronologically though.


Is it in the roadmap @Erica?

Also, have you considered to implement a “date pane” (similar to tags pane)?
A date pane would bring a agenda “feeling” to Dynalist, and could provide smarter date functionality, e.g. automatic items aggregation under groups (overdue, due today, tomorrow, etc.)


I love this idea. And maybe there could be a filter on the pane to choose between showing dates from the current document or all documents (a bit like how the tag pane works).


More simply, just list all dated items in this tab, center on today and scroll up/down through all of them.


No, the sorting on the roadmap right now is for sorting items on the same level, not search results (link: https://trello.com/c/k5zHiJAO/155-sort-items)

Interesting, haven’t considered this. I guess a calendar view would be more appropriate for dates, since it’s more visual, but we’re not going down the “calendar app” direction, so the idea kind of stopped there.

If you want, go ahead and open a new feature request thread, and see if others have anything to say about it :slight_smile:


@Erica, wouldn’t this thread be enough to show that others have already interest on a feature that provides date aggregation, be it an agenda panel, a calendar view or a simply sorting of dates for search results?

I mean, the request doesn’t sound strictly related to the “means” (agenda panel, calendar view, date sorting), but to the output “date aggregation”.

I really miss a better Dynalist inbuilt agenda/calendar functionality, since I gave up using Dynalist and gCal integration because (a) there is no two ways sync; (b) for collaborative work, even I am working in a shared Dynalist document, the date is created in my gCal only, and my co-workers can’t rely on dates showed in gCal (and vice-versa).


Agree with Carlos. All I wish for is “Ability to aggregate anything that has a date on it”, in particular to see what is coming next. And this thread is in the Features Forum.


Yes, that’s what I meant, if you’re specific about it being a “calendar pane”. The OP doesn’t sound too focused on a particular method, so it’s fine if you want to let it be this way.