Feature Request: Search operator for searching under a tag

I generally have tags for projects on higher order bullets and then make checklists in the nested bullets. For this reason, I often have to search for open checklist items under a certain project tag. E.g. if I have project tags #Project1, #Project2… and then have nested bullets which are checklists. And I only want to filter out checklists for project 1, I am unable to do it right now. All I can do is search for is:checklist and then manually scroll through looking for open items under #Project1.

I propose having a search operator like under:#Project1 so that when combined with is:checklist, it will list all checklist items under a bullet with a certain tag.


One workaround is to add the project tag (also) to the checklist. A combined checklist/tag search will then show you your checklist(s), collapsed, and from the search you can either click “into” that checklist, or expand it