[Feature Request] Saved Searches (i.e. when using many Search Operators)

I have a confession. I’m a bit of a Dynalist addict—and with that comes with beast-level uses of it.

Long story short, I have a pretty complex tagging system for navigating around Dynalist, which includes the use of advanced search operators.

When meeting with clients, I tend to use the same search strings, and it’d be super helpful if I could save these queries. This avoids accidentally missing some parameters of the search.

Thanks for your consideration. :slight_smile:

So you want to save a search and apply it in the current context?

I’m guess that’s the case because if the search context is fixed (i.e. one document or global), you could save as a bookmark.

Aye, exactly. It’s for a “site-wide” search of Dynalist, if you will. Inclusive of all documents.

For example, as a consultant, I work across multiple projects—which each have their own Dynlaist documents.

If I want to do a sweep for things on my to-do list, I may search for "#confirm OR #explore OR #open_question OR #action OR #tech_consideration, depending on the context. This is just one example of a ‘common’ search!


Got it, thanks for the suggestion!