[Feature request] Save button for images and files

Hello Dynalist Team.

Application allow to attach images and files.
When I click on on file/image it opens it in browser.

I found this hard to use in some cases:

  • It opens image in browser so I need do right click with mouse and choose Save image as...
  • Not all users might aware about this option
  • It loses focus from application to browser and I might be not logged at dynalyst
  • When I don’t have browser opened it’ll open it (with few windows and many tabs that I have :sob: ) so it might take long time before I actually get image/file

As Solution I can suggest to add save button behind attachment element like:

p.s. In my development experience I did use library: downloadjs which have allows to trigger a file download from JavaScript and has wide browsers support.

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@Erica Hi! Just what to check that someone saw that. After few months of use dynalist this still huts.

You can right-click on the link of the images or file and select “save link as” to save the images or file in the place you want.

@KC This still not the case for desktop app.

I tried it in the Google Chrome browser (I only have desktop app for offline purpose).