[Feature Request] Larger Custom CSS Box ^___^

Yo yo yo,

Can we get a larger Custom CSS box, please? I use a lot of custom CSS now (thanks @Erica! :sunglasses:), and the box is quite difficult to navigate. It’s so tiny! (this is in the Mac desktop app)

Thank youuuuu

Hi Jamie!

The small size is actually intended. Since this box doesn’t provide syntax highlighting nor proper alignment like code editors do, we want users to edit the CSS outside Dynalist and only paste the CSS in here to take effect.

But if you don’t have such code editors installed, I guess it’s the same whether you edit inside Dynalist or not.

In that case, you can use CSS to fix the CSS box! Meta I know :wink:

.setting-text-field {
height: 400px;

You can tweak the number to make it taller or shorter as needed.


I have Sublime installed, but it’s more so I can see what’s in Dynalist’s CSS box than to actually do any tweaking!

But, yes, thanks (as alwways!) for the CSS for the CSS box—I will definitely be using it. :sunglasses:

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