Feature request: disable buttons that aren't useable when sharing read-only documents

Suppose I embed a Dynalist document onto my website using an iframe. Assume I have set sharing to be read-only.

If I click on “Open Menu” on any of the bullet points, some of the menu options work (eg. Expand All) but some of them don’t (eg. Add Note). This isn’t a bug per se, since the only menu options that work are the ones allowed in read-only mode.

However to a user who isn’t familiar with Dynalist (which will be the majority of people viewing the iframe), it just appears to be “broken”. Some of the menu items work, some don’t, and there is no way to explain any of this (because the header is hidden, so you don’t see the “Copy to my Dynalist” options, etc.)

I guess this leads to a feature request: disable the menu options that aren’t useable when sharing a read-only document.

That’s more like a bug (sorry for the inconveniences!), since we did remove most non-working options, like “Delete”.

Is there more options need to be fixed, other than “Add note”?

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Ah okay. Quite a few of them, I think? The only ones that do something are “collapse all” and “export/get link”. Clicking on “Set as inbox” gives a popup saying “saved to inbox” but presumably this isn’t actually doing anything?

Edit: Just to clarify, in the screenshot above I’m viewing my own website (with an embedded document) but I’m not logged in to my Dynalist account.

Yea, as long as you cannot edit the content of the document, those options shouldn’t show up.

Will fix!

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Great, thanks :slight_smile: