Feature request: basic ASCII read only view via URL suffix

the same content as export>plain text currently gives, but via a url

Like if your grocery list is at https://dynalist.io/d/wfdgjhegd#z=fdsghjfgwshd you could use https://dynalist.io/d/wfdgjhegd#z=fdsghjfgwshd.txt to view it in dumb devices like a smartwatch or kindle or web scraper of the month service

Or if your at home to do list has a .txt url you can open it on the kindle (after disabling sleep) to always have it in view on your kindle

stuff like that would be possible

I know we can get the document in json from the API, but has anyone on the forums figured out how to parse it to get a sublist of text, without hosting their own backend server? API is too hard. Thus my suggestion :slight_smile:

One could write a simple piece of javascript and upload it to github pages that does something like this.
E.g. https://dynalist.github.io/#document=35kjwefn5&z=324njwf23&api_token=werjk34rwefn

I have no idea how to do that. Is this backend javascript? The browsers I want to use can’t do javascript, thus wanting the text format.

Oh I see. This doesn’t work then, because it would have been client side javascript. In this case, you would need a proper backend that does the request and parsing for you. Github pages won’t work.

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