Extend the influence of the "parent:" search operator to the note field

I’d like to suggest that the parent: search operator also considers the parent item’s note field.
(Or alternatively, a new parentnote: operator; or for consistency with the in:title and in:note operators, the trinity of parent:, parenttitle: and parentnote: operators).

I mainly use the note field for tags, so I can quickly hide them and declutter the view. Often I want to find items that belong to a parent with a specific tag; and at the moment I cannot find/filter that items, unless i explicitly put all the tags in the item title.


Definitely. I was just about to do a search in this forum to see if anybody had talked about being able to define strict hierarchies in search queries. To expand on your suggestion: Instead of new tags for parents’ title and notes, let users bundle an entire query inside of the parent tag. This could look something like: parent:(in:note #tag)

With something like this we could create much more powerful queries by nesting parent tags parent:(parent:(parent:(color:yellow))).

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I agree with Lukas.

parentnote: operator ::at least.

I place tags into notes instead of entries.

  • Don’t want to clutter entries.
  • Also cannot reveal children unless filtering directly off of entry
    …these are problems.


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To add to this, but it may need to be posted separately(?)…

…in tandem with this, a “currentdoc” and/or “currentpage” expression for placing into Links would be most helpful.

Scenario: Setup a search~filter criterion that you can execute for any current doc you are in.

Example Search~Filter…
parent:#TAG1 OR #TAG1 AND parent:#TAG2 OR #TAG2

Example Link, perhaps like…
[parent:TAG1 OR TAG1 AND parent:TAG2 OR TAG2](https://dynalist.io/::CURRENT DOC OR PAGE::/#q=parent%3A%23TAG1%20OR%20%23TAG1%20AND%20parent%3A%23TAG2%20OR%20%23TAG2)

Where “::CURRENT DOC OR PAGE::/” is some form of “#referencehere/” or something.

Edit: Cleaner example perhaps…
[link to parent:NOW NOW OR parent:Today OR Today](#q=parent:#NOW #NOW OR parent:#Today OR #Today)

…if only I could put something like: #q=myCustomQueryHere and…

…The idea is, to be able to ReUse Search Criteria in different Documents, right now I have to create these search criteria and save them somewhere, and then copy/paste them.
I have to create unique ones inside each document for use there (redundant work and clutter).

Just tossing it out there. In regular HTML docs you can place #thisdoclinks into href anchors for solely navigating within the current doc without full URL calls. I am wondering if DList development lends itself to easily facilitate this or not.


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