Exporting items with notes with several newlines does not respect indentation in plain-text

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new item.
  2. Shift-Enter to create a new note for the item and write a word.
  3. Press Enter and write another word of the note. The item now has two lines of notes.
  4. Click the item menu and click export.
  5. Look at resulting text in plain-text export.

Expected result

I would expect to see the two lines of notes under the item to be indented the same way as the parent item, as is the case in the Formatted tab.

Actual result

The second and subsequent notes under an item are not indented at all. This is particularly obvious for items which are nested.


Tested on MacOS 10.13.6 with the native client and in the web version using Firefox 68.0.2.

I can repro. Thanks for catching this!

We have tracked this bug on our todo list, and will fix it as soon as we can! Thanks again for letting us know. I’ll update here when it’s fixed :slight_smile:

Yay! That was super quick. Glad I could help out.

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@Meredith: This should be fixed in the latest versions (please refresh/reload the app to update), could you please confirm when you have time? Thanks in advance!

Hi. Thanks for getting back to me bout this. I can confirm that the browser version (accessed with latest Firefox) is working correctly, however the MacOS client is not (I just redownloaded the app to make sure since I couldn’t see if there’s an update option somewhere). I haven’t got access to a Windows machine to check how it behaves there.



Windows desktop app works ok i.e. with indents

Thanks for confirming! You can update the macOS app by simply starting it.

The version you get by a clean install is actually a little outdated :sweat_smile:, so do you mind restarting the app and see?

I restarted the app a couple of times, but still get the old behaviour. Only the first line is indented.


Hi Meredith,

Could you go to main menu (menu icon at the top right corner) and choose “About” to check the version for me please? Thanks!


It says

"You’re currently running Dynalist 1.2.2.

Dynalist is up to date."


My bad! It looks like the fix has reached the web app, but not yet on the desktop app.

So it should be available in 1.2.3, which should be out soon. I’ll ping our engineer to get it release as soon as we can. You can upgrade to the latest version by checking the “About” menu from time to time and restart as necessary.

Sorry again for the delay!


Thanks for that but no stress. I tested it mostly for backup purposes, but because the cross device system functionality is so good, I don’t do it very often.


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@Meredith: should be fixed now, could you confirm?


It looks like it is fixed on the Mac client! Thanks so much for that!


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Thanks a lot for confirming, @Meredith! I’ll mark this as fixed then :slight_smile: