Expected behavior when complete zoomed in item


In the context of issue #1345, what do you expect to happen if:

  • Have setting on to Hide checked/completed items
  • Are zoomed in to an item
  • Complete that top item
  • Stay in the item, top item crossed out and everything grayed out (current DL behavior)
  • Pop out of item to its parent, completed item is hidden (Workflowy behavior)

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Completing zoomed in item doesn't navigate to parent
Advanced option to zoom out after completing current root item
Completing zoomed in item doesn't navigate to parent

Personally, I don’t ever think a formatting change, such as completing an item, should ever cause a navigation event to happen. If I complete something, it’s not up to dynalist to decide that I’m completely done with an item and move me away from it.


I guess I don’t view completing an item as a formatting change. It’s an action on my list, a to-do that I’m completing. Making text bold is a formatting change. To me it’s like being in a contacts app, and saying I want to stay in a contact when I deleted it.

Plus, recall, this is with the setting on that already says I want to Hide completed items. Anyway, that’s why I mentioned in the linked issue that this could be a preference.


@Alex_Pasternak you probably want to bold this part “Have setting on to Hide checked/completed items”, it’s a little easy to miss and result in inaccurate votes.

I can’t 100% agree with this part… when you delete the current root item Dynalist does zoom out.

With “hide checked” setting, it’s more complicated than that. It asks the question if hiding checked items is closer to having them shown or having them hidden… which I can’t clearly tell myself. That’s why I suggest making the “Have setting on to Hide checked/completed items” part bold before there are more votes.


@Erica, done, good idea. And I agree about the not-quite-accurate comparison.

I actually would add a 3rd poll item, “Either, depending on a new configuration setting”, but I don’t know if adding a new poll item will erase the previous results, which I don’t want to do.


I think it would, unfortunately (I remember doing it before and regretting it :frowning:).

Too bad we can’t @ a group of people who like to cast votes to gather more opinions… I proposed that in a topic I posted earlier: Meta poll: should we open a “poll group”?


i dont use it, but im going to propose a related feature on the topic

when something is completed,

  • it should auto-deleted
  • or auto-moved to some archive note/page/space for the pack-rats out there

the auto-move is the proposal, the auto-delete has likely already been expressed in the past & in various other topics by ppl


If you set checked items to hidden, it’s sort of like items are being auto-deleted when you check them.

Honestly I don’t like the idea of auto permanently deleting items upon being checked. They might be useful in the future for the user’s references, so I don’t think they should be deleted before the user explicitly delete them.


Completely agree that permanently deleting items is not a good idea. Handling archival / deletion of really old items can be a separate feature, and explicit deletion is an existing feature.

@Erica, given the survey results being 50% for “Pop out of item to its parent, completed item is hidden”, any chance of adding that as a behavior? This is something that I would still really like, as it would save a zoom out step each time.


Yeah, I can see us adding an advanced option for this.

Added to our wishlist list – will update here if we implement it. Thanks!