Expand "+" Sign Not Always Appearing

Steps to reproduce

  1. Enable “Use bullet Point to Zoom” On “Settings” --> “Preferences”
  2. Create lists on different pages with sublists
  3. Leave current list and come back to list

Expected result

“+” sign will be to the left of the list, allowing me to expand

Actual result

After a few seconds of moving around lists, the + sign appears, though not always.


PC, using Dynalist on a Chrome Browser

Additional information

.Gif of reproduction

Additional comments

We’ve been aware of this bug and what bothers us the most is those three words… haven’t found a way to 100% to reproduce it yet.

Any clue that might help? :slight_frown:

It happens to me 95% of the time, but I can’t figure out why it’s ok in the other 5%.

So you just load the page and start hovering, is that correct?

Yes thats correct




We should probably relax that restriction… Sorry it came as the default with the Discourse forum software.

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