"Excise" / "Incise" node features - delete the current node and outdent all children

This is a frequent thing I run into.

Node A has child B… which then has children C, D, E.

I want to move C, D, E up to A in one go. This is laborious. Requires a lot of down, shift-tab, down, shift tab etc if they’re all collapsed.

One of the older outliners used to have an “excise” and “incise” concept.

In this case, if you excised B… the node B would be deleted but the children would be raised to be children of A. Right now delete removes that whole tree branch. This excise operation can save a lot of time in outline manipulations / pruning / cleaning / organising.

Similarly. sometimes you have 3 nodes and want to give them all a common new parent. That means you would “incise” a parent. Select C, D, E… “incise” command… that moves them all under a common parent which is the “new B” under A.

Please can we have this? :slight_smile: :pray: