Evernote-style Tag management

Something similar to evernote’s tag management would be nice.

This way I know what tags are related in which way, and I can keep track of tags better.

Because as of right now I simply have to remember what tags I have, there’s really no view modes to see what tags I have currently without typing "@A " to see tags starting with A, etc

This would also help me name my tags better and see which tags I am using the most.

Also, in evernote you could “FIND / REPLACE ALL” function with tags. Like, I could rename a tag and all items inside my document would reflect the changes made. Currently right now I just copy my entire document and use something like microsoft word / adobeindesign for FIND/REPLACE functions

Would be good for bulk tag renaming in the event if I have similarly named tags, like “Onenote” and “onenote” → rename them both to “OneNote” for instance

See my evernote refernece tags for example:


Either that, or have a special document inside dynalist that writes a tag as a bulletpoint (automated script) whenever I write a new tag somewhere else in my document


Inside a document, tags will auto-complete. If not, that’s a serious bug.

Regarding the option to make tags autocomplete across all documents, here’s some relevant discussion: Extra Autocomplete Features

Here: Trello

I think you mean this feature? Trello

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Another app that does an excellent job with tags management is the app Bear. Modeling Dynalist tags after this app would be an outstanding improvement. Thanks…


Agree. You are able to have nested tags. CintaNotes does something similar.
Bear Notes - Tags

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