'Escaping' edit mode


You’re working with LaTeX items. You just edited a LaTeX item and you want to now look at the state of your list. What do you do?

You can hit or to move to another item, but that would make this other item unrender. Not cool.

Attempted Solution

A potential fix is to have Esc mapped to find or something. Then, you can easily hit Esc to have the cursor move to the search box and thus cause all the items to render.

However, it’s currently not possible to map Esc to an action.

What now?

For one, allowing Esc to be mapped to actions would fix the problem here. Bringin up completely different solutions to the problem is cool too.


This is a big issue for me as well because whenever I’m typing LaTeX I click on the item to just “focus” it and it transforms into the raw TeX xD

I think that Erica and Shida are gonna make a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) mode, so you wont need to worry about that anymore. Hopefully they can provide more details.