"Enter" fails to produce a new bullet after creating a new document

Steps to reproduce

Create a new document, name it’ and switch to it.

Type something under the initial bullet point, then press “Enter”.

Expected result

A new bullet point should appear.

Actual result

A new line is created inside the same bullet point.

I can’t create any new bullets after this happens, until I refresh the website.

I also find that this happens even if I don’t switch to the new file; simply creating a new file stops “Enter” from creating bullet points as it should.


This happened to me on both the mobil site and desktop site. Chrome. Mac OS 10.12.2, and android.

Hi @Abram_Demski,

This is probably fixed already since we released. Can you please try again?

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:ok_hand: Yep, thanks! :slight_smile: