Embeddable Dynalist

I’m not sure how agnostic this could be done, but it would be awesome to have a way to embed Dynalists into other applications. If there were endpoints exposed for something along these lines, it would allow third party development for plugins/addons in the tools where Dynalist would be useful but the Dynalist team perhaps can’t prioritize or couldn’t keep up with. First one that comes to mind is being able to add lists to a Git repository for tasks, pull requests, etc. It would also be nice to add lists to chat and email. It seems like this (as well as requiring Pro for an API presence) would be a lucrative feature to add to Dynalist.

Could you give me some examples as to where you want to embed Dynalist in?

Git/pull request sounds a little too complicated. If you’re dealing with a website of some sort, using iframe to embed is the easiest. The header will auto-hide.


<iframe src="https://dynalist.io/d/GcSvL_R4bB97MLi4SAwhYrgY" height="600" width="800"></iframe>

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/mfv7gus9/

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Hey thanks for the reply. I realize now that embed was the wrong word to use. I would like foldable, formattable lists in several different perspectives of my day to day. Considering this would take a lot of work to create individual integrations for every tool I might suggest, I was thinking API for third party dev and potentially a library or sdk to help people get started in creating their own integrations. If it became popular enough, it may also be beneficial to have a place for third party plugins, add-ons, etc. to be shared and reviewed.

I would like foldable, formattable lists in several different perspectives of my day to day.

Could you elaborate on that? Do bookmarks work the way you described?

That would be a suitable topic in the Developer category, and it’s still pretty vague. Anything specific you have in mind? :slight_smile: