Email to inbox can't send a link to inbox

Steps to reproduce

Create a email for inbox email
Put link into subject
I didn’t get anything in inbox

Here is subject:

Expected result

Get link into inbox

Actual result

Should get item in Inbox



There might be a current bug where sending an empty email (body) causes it to be rejected.

I was under the belief that we would receive an empty string for the body but instead we received null. Will patch that soon.

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@Shida It also might be good to check for other limitations as well like:

  • max subject length ( if that default 78 char I’ll be unusable for many cases). Google links can be very long
  • escaping subject (that will make links unusable)
  • check for emoji support

I don’t think we do any special processing or limiting on subjects or content, so you’d be only limited by whatever limitations emails generally have. Our email provider helps us “strip” email footers/signatures, which is the only thing that’s done to email content. On top of that we don’t currently process attachments. That’s about all I can think of.

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