eMail to Dynalist - Feature Request

Request for the following features:

  1. Link a new document or book mark, under which the emails send can be stored (instead of the Inbox location). Can be captured in settings

  2. Prefix Date of eMail and sender email ID along with the subject. This option can be made optional in Settings. While doing so, format of the same can also be captured in the settings

  3. Wrapping text (in matter) after a certain number of characters can be avoided. This can be also made as an option in settings

Thank you for your great application

We considered giving each document a unique email address so you can email to any of them, but we did not implement that because it’s a tad too complicated and we were not sure if there’s any real use case for this.

I think it might be good to post them as separate feature requests, so that:

  1. Each title is more descriptive so other users are more likely to open it and comment if they have the same need;
  2. Make it clear exactly which feature request people are supporting if they do Like the original post, these three requests are pretty different things after all.