Edited title: Improve pasting to bullets from unusual / a wider range of data formats

Edit: See my post further down for a more coherent explanation of my point.

The below regards pasting to bullets, not to notes:

Workflowy was quite amazing at taking any copied text and preserving the structure in bullet form - especially any bullets from other programs would usually become bullets in Workflowy - as much as I love all the improvements dynalist has made over workflowy, Dynalist sucks at copy-paste …

A lot of the time it will paste a series of bullets (from e.g. an email, or word, or whatever) in a single bullet with a few spaces between them -

I suspect that the workflowy program was quite forceful in forcing pasted text into it’s own structure, whereas dynalist seems quite passive

As outliners are frequently used as large repositories of text from other sources, I feel good copy-paste behaviour is really essential

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We do use a different copy paste mechanism, if I remember correctly. I remember there was a reason to it, but I forgot exactly what it is. @Shida?

@Stephen_Dewitt, more specific examples would be helpful too. I just tested with nested bullet points on MS Word (2016) and they seem to paste fine, preserving the hierarchy structure.

Dear Erica,

Apologies my post was a little rambling / example-free. I have done some further testing and you’re right, formal bullets from word do seem to preserve well - I think I was working with a slightly odd document.

In my testing I have found two oddities with Dynalist copy paste. Firstly, entirely within dynalist, take the below text:

If I copy and paste the below text from the note to bullets, below, it works great, like this:

However, if I cut and paste, it puts them in one bullet like this (not great):

Another thing I would like to comment on is how Dynalist handles copying from tables. Take this for example:

If I copy those three cells into workflowy, it comes out like this:

Dynalist does this:

If we take a more complex table like this:

Workflowy gives:

Dynalist gives:

I think generally when you are pasting complex data into bullet mode, a multi-bullet format should be FORCED, and this is what I was attempting to say in my first post - workflowy seems to attempt to force a multi-bullet structure on almost all incoming text (when pasted to a bullet), while dynalist quite often opts for a single-bullet structure which is almost always not what you want for any multi-line, complex or table-based data.

Thank you very much for your time,


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