Edit mode in mindmap view (exactly like comapping.com)

Although I’m grateful it’s been released, I am a little disappointed by the mindmap view. What I was really hoping for was a mindmapping experience where I can edit nodes, exactly like Comapping.com.

Does anyone else want this feature? Please upvote.


They have pointed out that editing is comming :slight_smile:

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This would be a great addition to Dyanlist! Editing the mindmap would be grand.

Also, (maybe it’s already possible) allow adding emoji’s while working with mindmaps.

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Hello, @Erica!

Does the team still consider making the mindmap view editable?

I recently moved to dynalist and this feature was the key reason for buying the pro plan. But then I realised that there is no option to edit a map. It’s painful for me.

Before I used other outliner Transno — it have a pretty good implementation of mindmaps. It would be great to have something similar.

My use case:
I use mindmaps to systemize a pile of notes (which I wrote on a business meeting or just collected my thoughts on certain topic within a month or longer). It’s a very convenient way to remember things and to make strategic plans.

I’m wiling to pay more right now for the promise of implementing it later :slight_smile:

What’s the latest on editing mindmaps?

I think they switched their focus to Obsidian’s Graph view and Canvas view which are editable mind maps in spirit