Dynawrite app stopped working completely on iOS & Android

All of a sudden, the third-party Dynawrite app, used for sharing items to Dynalist’s Inbox, has stopped working completely for me, on both iOS and Android, on all devices.

It was still working a few days ago. Have you done anything at Dynalist’s end to disable third-party apps? I’m communicating with Dynawrite’s developer about this, but wanted to ask here as well.

I can see in the February update notes that changes have been made to the “share to inbox” workflow on mobile. Is this perhaps related to Dynawrite now no longer working at all?

I don’t think we made any major changes that could cause this. The only addition I can think of is an additional response parameter file_id which is the document ID when using the send to inbox API endpoint.

Actually, I believe Dynawrite uses some kind of wrapper over Dynalist’s web client, judging from the screenshots. Not exactly sure how they’re updating the app but it doesn’t seem like something we can help with for now.

Thank you for your replies, Shida. I will email Michinari Yamamoto, the developer, the link to this thread, and hopefully we can get Dynawrite back up and running.

It’s just completely dead now, on both iOS and Android – meaning, newly submitted items don’t appear in the Inbox. If I add items to Inbox regularly via Dynalist or the web app, then they appear inside Dynawrite, too.

So, something got broken along the way a couple of days ago or so.

We did put out a new release for the web client recently for the changes to date range support and new checkbox behavior. I suspect the app has a copy of that which may be incompatible with how the app is manipulating/interacting with the web client.

Hopefully it can get sorted out quickly. Sorry again for the inconvenience!

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I’m happy to report that an Android update of Dynawrite was released yesterday, and now everything works perfectly on Android again. The release note mentions “Correction due to internal change of Dynalist”, so it’s nice that the developer Michinari Yamamoto, of Okayama, Japan, captured that and fixed it promptly. I thanked him via email for that.

As to iOS, Apple’s review process is slowing things down, so until an update of Dynawrite is released on iOS, the app can’t be used, but hopefully it’s only a matter of days now.